Buying TAKO is super easy! You can buy it by clicking here.



  • MetaMask installed (Install MetaMask)
  • Binance Smart Chain network added to MetaMask (Instructions here)
  • Enough BNB on your MetaMask Wallet to pay for the transaction fees
  • A cryptocurrency you want to swap for TAKO (BNB, BUSD, etc...)

How to buy TAKO

  1. 1.
    To buy TAKO, you will need to go to Apeswap exchange using this Link. You will encounter a warning from Apeswap with a check box labeled "I understand" you'll need to tick in order to continue.
2. Enter the amount of BNB (or whatever cryptocurrency) you would like to swap for TAKO. If a message saying "Insufficient liquidity for this trade" appears, wait a few seconds.
3. Click on the "Swap" button
4. Confirm your swap by clicking on the "Confirm Swap" button in the Apeswap pop-up
5. Validate your transaction in the new MetaMask pop-up.
6. Congrats, You just bought TAKO🐙!
Last modified 1yr ago