Liquidity Pools

In general

TakoDefi's liquidity pools allow anyone to provide liquidity via Pancake LP When they do so they will receive LP tokens. For example, if someone deposited $TAKO and $BNB into a pool, he would receive TAKO-BNB LP tokens. Those tokens represent a proportional share of the pooled assets, allowing anyone to reclaim his funds at anytime. Every time a user trades $TAKO for $BNB a fee is collected during the trade. A percentage of that trade goes back to the LP pool.

Adding liquidity to an existing pool

You need to provide tokens in a 1:1 ratio to the liquidity pool. This means that if you are adding to, say, a TAKO-BNB pool, and wish to provide 2 BNB worth of liquidity, you would need to convert approx 1 BNB to TAKO tokens first via a Swap.