🛣️ Roadmap/Objectives

This is what we are working on and the priorities that we have for the future, they are not precise but we will develop our path together with your help!

High priority

  • NFT Collection
  • Zap function
  • Second Audit
  • Games to use as a deflationary mechanism and as a new use case.
  • New Partnerships!

Low priority

  • UI Makeover we want to have our own identity
  • Multi-language platform
  • Stats section to watch those earnings and stakes

Done 🎉

  • Voting system
  • Listed on TrustWalllet
  • First Game: Roll on Polygon​
  • Vaults on Polygon!
  • Graduate from BUIDL Program
  • Get listed on CMC​
  • Incorporate more stats Graphs and Marketcap
  • Migrated liquidity from PCS to APS for Partnership
  • Be audited​
  • Apply a reduction in the emission of TAKO
  • Get over 1M TVL to establish the foundations of the project
  • Partnership with Apeswap 🍌, PolyCrystal 💎, KoalaDefi 🐨, PearZap🍐
  • Bermudas Competitive Yield(ETA Q2 - 1st week May) launch competitive pool to use as a burning mechanism.
  • Auto-compounding Vault: (ETA Q2 May-Jun~) auto-compounded optimized yields
  • New token INKU
  • Get listed on CG​
  • Multi-chain deployment: Polygon network
We are already listed also on: DappRadar and BscScan. We will keep you informed as soon as possible about the next listings!
Feel free to contact us for more ideas https://t.me/TakoDefi ♥
Last modified 1yr ago