The Basics

The tokenomics can be broken down as follows

Token Details

¡Your favorite cool blooded token!

Emission Rate

  • 0.5 TAKO/block
  • 14,400 TAKO/day
  • 8.3%~ will be sent to the developers' addresses for further partnership, team funds, development, marketing & BURN! 🔥🔥🔥.
  • We have minted 500 TAKO to provide initial liquidity those will be burned as soon as liquidity is provided. (Already burned🔥)

Deflationary Mechanics

  • Farms & pools will get corresponding TAKO depending on the multiplier shown on the top left corner
  • Burned tokens from team funds
  • Buyback and burn fees taken from farms deposits
  • Burns from Bermudas deposit fees & bonus multiplier